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A WHITER SHADE OF PALE...choosing the best WHITE hue for your home

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Clean, crisp, contemporary interiors often evoke the call for a white palette. While bold accents of color and texture in fabrics and accessories keep your space from appearing institutional, the right hue of white will provide the perfect backdrop for artwork and furnishings.

Exteriors in white provide the perfect juxtaposition with the lush greens and colorful flora of your landscaping. Painting the brick on your home is a great way to instantly transform your curb appeal. Accents in complementary paint and stain colors for your shutters, doors, and trim details will complete the look you want to achieve. White painted brick makes a classic statement that is sure to please.

Selecting the perfect white for your home can be daunting as there are so many choices. Basically the various shades of whites are either warm (Linen White), cool(Decorators White), or neutral (Chantilly Lace). Natural light or lack there-of can make one color sample look completely different. Order some color swatches or small paint can samples to help you determine your favorite. Make sure you look at the samples at different times of the day to see the effect light plays with your colors.



Witness these amazing exterior transformations with painted brick.....

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